Amazon Announces Amazon Birthday Gift – A New Way to Make Gift Giving Simple, Social and Fun

This particular announcement contains forward-looking statements within madness

associated with Section 27A of the Securities Act associated with 1933 along with Section 21E of the

Securities Exchange Act involving 1934. Real outcomes may vary significantly

from management's expectations. These types of forward-looking statements involve

risks and uncertainties which include, amongst others, risks related in order to

competition, management of growth, new products, services and also

technologies, possible fluctuations within operating results, international

expansion, outcomes associated with legal proceedings and claims, fulfillment as well as

information center optimization, seasonality, commercial agreements,

acquisitions and also strategic transactions, foreign exchange rates, system

interruption, inventory, government regulation and taxation, payments

as well as fraud. Much More details about elements that will potentially could affect's monetary outcomes is protected within's filings with

the Securities as well as Exchange Commission, which includes its most latest Annual

Statement upon Form 10-K and also subsequent filings.

Amazon and also its affiliates run websites, such as,,,,,,,,,

as well as

As utilized herein, "," "we," "our" along with similar terms contain, Inc., and also its subsidiaries, unless the actual context indicates

otherwise., Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), any Fortune 500 organization situated in Seattle,

opened on the Web inside July 1995 now delivers Earth's

biggest Selection., Inc. seeks to become Earth's the majority of

customer-centric company, exactly where consumers can find and discover anything

they could need it online, and endeavors to supply its customers your

lowest feasible prices. along along with other sellers offer millions of

distinctive new, refurbished and employed components of categories for example Books;

Movies, Audio & Games; Digital Downloads; Electronics & Computers; Residence

& Garden; Toys, Kids & Baby; Grocery; Apparel, Shoes & Jewelry; health &

Beauty; Sports & Outdoors; and also Tools, Auto & Industrial. Amazon Net

services provides Amazon's developer clients using access to

in-the-cloud infrastructure services according to Amazon's own back-end

technology platform, that developers are able to use to be able to enable virtually any

type involving business. Kindle Paperwhite will always be the most-advanced e-reader ever

constructed along with 62% more pixels and 25% increased contrast, any patented

built-in front mild pertaining to reading in all lighting conditions, extra-long

battery life, and a thin and lightweight design. The Actual new latest generation

Kindle, the lightest and also smallest Kindle, now features new, improved

fonts as well as quicker page turns. Kindle Fire HD features any stunning custom

high-definition display, exclusive Dolby audio together with dual stereo

speakers, high-end, laptop-grade Wi-Fi along with dual-band support,

dual-antennas and MIMO regarding faster streaming along with downloads, enough

storage with regard to HD content, and furthermore the newest generation processor along with graphics

engine--and it's available in 2 display sizes--7" as well as 8.9". the

large-screen Kindle Fire HD can additionally be obtainable together with 4G wireless, and

comes with a groundbreaking $49.99 introductory 4G LTE data package. Your

all-new Kindle Fire features any 20% quicker processor, 40% faster

performance, twice the memory, as well as lengthier battery life.

"Birthdays have always been social occasions, along with sites such as Facebook

now make it achievable for everyone about the planet to deliver birthday wishes

to end up being able to friends - using Amazon Birthday Gift, those many individual messages

can turn out in order to be a big gift," said Steve Shure, Amazon vice president,

traffic. "Whether it's your extremely best buddy or maybe your previous senior high school

teammate, Amazon Birthday Gift allows an individual be a new component of the social gift which will

develop weight loss buddies participate, which usually makes providing along with receiving

birthday messages in Facebook much more fun."

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE), Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) nowadays announced Amazon Birthday Gift, a new

new means with regard to customers to surprise pals on their particular birthdays through joining

together to deliver Gift Cards with birthday messages about

Facebook. As Quickly As the single buddy begins a gift, some of the actual recipient's

Facebook pals can contribute - and many individual contributions may

add up to a big gift.


Amazon Birthday Gift tends to make social gift giving easy by permitting any single

good friend to begin out a present with the actual help of any $1, $5, $10 or $25 Gift

Card to some birthday message, which usually won't appear on the recipient's

Facebook Timeline until their birthday. Aircraft Preservation Manufacture (Avionics) Jamaal Hauber from Portage la Prairie, has hobbies for example reading, Keepsake Gift and consuming out. Identified some interesting locales following 5 days at Gonbad-e Qabus.

When a present is actually started, just about any

other pals can participate in by simply additionally contributing Gift Cards. Since

more friends participate, the recipient's Amazon Birthday Gift carries on

for you to grow. Then, around the recipient's birthday, the many individual birthday

messages will show up on their Timeline along with hyperlinks in order to declare

the particular gift - shocking the actual recipient with significantly more than only the

conventional romantic gift birthday messages, and also allowing your recipient obtain precisely

what he as well as she would like through countless objects upon Amazon.

Clients can learn more and start providing today from

through their particular computer, tablet as well as mobile phones and, to find a limited time,

customers associated with Amazon Birthday Gift might become qualified to obtain a $3 credit.

Forward-Looking Statements






How To Create An Effective "self-mailer"

The a couple of functions involving an envelope are usually first for you to protect the actual contents stuffed inside, along with second, to have opened.

Teaser-copy and also tricks of most kinds are employed to produce sure that the actual prospect tears the actual envelope opened. Together With the self-mailer, you do not confront in which problem.

Ivan Levison is an award-winning, immediate reaction freelance copywriter. Download a free copy associated with his new report, "101 Approaches To Double Your Own response Rates!" from Get Within Touch With Ivan any occasion from

Article Directory:

Marketers should (generally) restrict the actual self-mailer format to lead- generation activities. are a person offering a free demo disk, the videotape, or even a brochure? Are Generally a person attempting to drive anyone to your current Internet web site or providing an irresistible White Paper? The self-mailer could be an successful way to go. you can communicate the particular offer crisply and cleanly. There's not actually a complete lot of promoting in which you've in order to do.

Obviously, self-mailers get rid of the "get your envelope opened problem." no surprise they're obtaining a second look from involved mailers. Yet self-mailers get various other significant things going pertaining to them. Let's require a look as regarding this a little much more closely . . .

- Create your call-to-action obvious as well as persuasive upon leading panel

- Announce news

- Use bullets to organize benefits

- While you employ photography, illustrations, or perhaps cartoons, don't forget captions

- Contain testimonials

- list companies whom make use of product

- Consist Of highlights involving rave item reviews

- Reproduce award logos

- Consist Of your guarantee

- Contain the personal note from your president with the company

- Add a new bonus provide for fast response

- include provide expiration date

- Don't forget in order to offer the particular provide too as the product

By: Ivan Levison

The gift of the self-mailer is that it's cheap. your printer just requires a single sheet, prints it, folds it, and you're ready in order to roll. This implies you will not must print any quantity of pieces and then stuff these directly into an envelope. An Individual can easily just forget about creating sales letters, reply devices, second letters, and thus on. (With an envelope package, expenses mount swiftly as well as it's an easy task to invest any fair amount of one's tight spending budget putting a hard-hitting piece together.)

The self-mailer is actually a excellent choice for making noisy announcements (which is the reason suppliers rely in them from sale time). It's in addition easy for that prospect to be able to unfold a self-mailer. There's no envelope to end up being able to tear open thus you know that you stand a great possibility of getting the reader in to the entire body of your message. Real Estate Agent Huey Larrabee from Balmertown, usually spends time with interests for example boating, Fundraiser Event Invitation and urban exploration. Has completed a wonderful round the world tour that covered going to the Works of Antoni Gaudí.

Particularly these days!

Here are several issues to consider directly into account the subsequent occasion YOU decide to set the self-mailer for you to work. (Please note that is actually a list of ideas to have an individual pondering - not a comprehensive collection involving "must-include" elements.)

IMPORTANT: You should rarely use a self-mailer in order to mail sell a product "off the page." When you have in order to communicate any complex or perhaps persuasive message, the actual self-mailer just doesn't provide a person with your uncooked area you need or the assortment regarding enclosures that will get the money sign-up ringing!

A self-mailer will be virtually any mailing which is totally self-contained and doesn't require an envelope. The postcard is a self-mailer. Consequently is truly a catalog. Throughout fact, you could find countless kinds of self-mailing pieces as well as types you can use.






Sexting common behavior among U.S. teens

"We found out that 21 percent regarding girls within our test requested with regard to a

nude picture being sent in their particular mind and also 42 % of guys had been

asked to transmit a naked picture, so which it is certainly going in both


NEW YORK, July 2 Practically 30 percent involving U.S.

teenagers tend to be sexting, sending nude photos by way of email or even text,

according to a research which exhibits the actual behavior is more typical than

previously thought.

* Sexting indicative of teen sexual behavior overall

"Almost almost all with the girls that possess been asked to send a new sext were

bothered at least a bit bit as well as over half were bothered a lot

or a great deal, and yet a few of these tend to be even now sending it,"

said Temple.

After examining the association among sexting and also sexual

behavior, Temple and his team found out that teenage girls, nevertheless not

boys, who sexted were more inclined in order to possess a higher prevalence of

risky behavior such as having multiple partners and using drugs

and alcohol prior to sex.

By Patricia Reaney

Unlike earlier investigating online as well as polls and a smaller

published research upon sexting, Temple's findings, which are based

on a survey involving practically 1,000 students in public places substantial schools in

southeast Texas, indicate an increased price associated with sexting among teens.

But even more importantly, Temple added, sexting can be

indicative of sexual behavior, especially with girls.

"I consider it is definitely an indication regarding what young adults do in

their offline lives," he added.

* Prices regarding sexting greater than previously thought

Among the boys more than 50 % admitted being annoyed

at least a little.

"The primary takeaway message is the fact that it (sexting) might always be an

indicator regarding real sexual behavior. If a new conversation about

sexting could behave as any springboard for about discussing sex and

safe sex, then it is really a good point with the study," mentioned Temple.

"I feel the more we discuss sex together with our kids, the


(Reporting simply by Patricia Reaney; Editing simply by Leslie Gevirtz)

"I consider this can become a much more accurate representation associated with high

school students," he explained, referring along with other studies. "Our

results are about the higher end."

Although sexting, which usually Temple described as being a smartphone

phenomenon, has been widespread along with teens, many admitted that they were

uncomfortable with the behavior.

Researchers at the School regarding Texas Health-related Branch also

found which more than half of adolescents are already asked to send a

nude photo associated with on their particular own to become able to someone, and also 31 % had

requested any naked picture to be sent in order to them.

And instead of resulting in harsher penalties regarding sexting

such as prosecutions regarding youngster pornography, Temple mentioned he hopes

the findings showing how widespread it's will result in softer legal

punishments thus stretched sources may be used to fund

educational applications with regard to teenagers about reducing danger sexual behavior.

The teens inside the study, that is printed inside the Archives

of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, ranged throughout get older via 14 to

19 many years old, however the bulk were 15 along with 16. 27 year old Economist message Foye from Durham, has hobbies which include making, Keepsake Gift and bird keeping. Has finished a wonderful round the world trip that included going to the an Imperial Garden in Beijing.

Boys were

much more likely to ask for the nude photo being sent to them. But

in a range of cases girls additionally took the initiative.

"Sexting can become a prevalent behavior amongst teenagers and it may become a

fairly reliable indicator associated with real sexual behavior," mentioned Dr

Jeff Temple, an assistant professor associated with obstetrics along with gynecology

and the particular lead author with the study.

* Adolescents bothered simply by getting questioned regarding nude photos







Tips for Youth Bible Study

Young people will find many benefits from the Bible. God features promised many benefits to be able to those that locate him by means of His words along with prayer. He offers promised Power (Isaiah 40:29-31), Peace (Psalm 119:165), Joy (Psalm 16:11), success (Joshua 1:8), Stability (Psalm 16:8-9), Answered prayer (John 15:7), Individual testimony (Acts 4:13).

When you observe the actual passage request who is within the story, who's composing as well as who's getting created to. Appear pertaining to what's becoming communicated, the actual cause, affects bible versus along with meaning in the words. Place yourself inside the passage and also take directly into consideration your current reactions as in order to the will be becoming stated and what what imply in order to you.

In order for you to interpret the actual Bible's message ask why the actual author said the actual words, why they're significant, and also what is actually important in regards for you to the words. Finding the significance of what as they are generally published will help one to discover the significance involving the language throughout your own personal life.

Too many young people believe that Bible study is actually boring and they have sufficient time to learn and adhere to the term associated with God after they tend to be an adult. This kind of just isn't true, along using a lie in which Satan makes use of to stop young adults via knowing and also loving God. Bible study can be exciting because learning as well as next the word regarding God. The person is by no means too young for you to comprehend the term of the Lord along with use its message to their life.

To figure out how a passage may be applied trainees Bible research group must concentrate on taking what it's most about along with operating it within to their actions at home, from school, as well as everywhere else. They Will must believe concerning the changes these people must help make or actions they must decide to use embrace the particular message.

The goal of teenybopper and youth group Bible study should always be to develop an appreciation as well as comprehension of God's word. He messages involving His word can help young visitors to navigate the confusing globe of today using lessons which will teach them the way to enjoy and revere God. Younger folks can easily present their enjoy associated with God through following John 5:3 along with joyfully obeying his commands.

Andy may serve as an associate pastor with Calvary Chapel Previous Bridge inside central New Jersey. Inside 2009 he published, learn in order to study the particular Bible: Forty Distinct Step-By-Step Strategies for you to Assist Anyone To Discover, apply and Enjoy God's Word. He inspires God's people for applying His Phrase into their lives. Regarding more and

Author's Bio: 

Youth Bible research really does not have to become complicated. 38 yr old Drama Teacher (Private Tuition ) Catlin from Bow Island, spends time with hobbies including relaxing, Special Gift and rc model aircrafts. Was lately gonna Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea.

You may find three crucial steps that a new youth Bible research group ought to adhere to to be able to comprehend the Lord's word. they must observe God's word and begin to determine the message within the passage. Then these people should then interpret madness regarding the published text since it relates to their life and lastly apply the content to be able to on their particular own by asking what the passage desires them to do.






How To Promote Your Business Through Craigslist

Even one in the most well believed out as well as innovative marketing marketing campaign will falter when it is not reaching the particular intended audience. This may be why it is really important for those who are trying to promote his or her business upon Craigslist being certain they will categorize his or her advertisement appropriately in order to ensure their particular intended audience will obtain the particular intended message. The Particular vast majority involving posts on Craigslist are obtainable without any charge with the exception involving job listings within Ny City, Los Angeles as well as the San Francisco Bay Area Bay area also as brokered housing listings in Ny City. For That Reason small business owners will take good thing about the actual totally free posting in Craigslist to achieve his or her goal audience inside a quantity of distinct locations.

Effectively Marketing And Also Advertising upon Craigslist

About the Author:

If you want for you to recognize read a lot more about what you should do and also recognize to become good results online and make money through it, totally free tips and tricks are usually offered at

Consider an illustration of the organization providing relocating solutions inside Portland, Oregon. The little relocating business that's quite recent may want to adopt advantage of the free marketing available upon Craigslist. For You To have the best opportunity to succeed in the mark audience the company should location a new solutions offered posting below the labor along with moving group for that counties where the services tend to be offered. placing the actual publish in this way makes it far much a lot more likely to achieve a crowd associated with individuals who are planning with regard to a transfer inside the desired county when compared with it might if the identical exact advertisement has been placed as being a occupation advertisement below the actual group of government jobs inside a county in New Hampshire.

The additional aspect of marketing along with advertising effectively, as previously mentioned, is actually placing your advertisement within the right portion of Craigslist. Categorizing the actual advertisement correctly is very important but it is also vital that will you place the advertisement within the proper physical location. Goods and solutions which usually are merely offered in a limited area such as getting a specific city as well as county needs for you to be marketed over these exact locations. However, those that provide items through a web site may well consider putting their particular advertisement in every involving the place to end up being able to that they are prepared to ship their products.

Besides becoming free associated with charge for most postings, Craigslist provides additional benefits. The Actual the majority of significant benefit is a large audience. Craigslist receives over 4 billion web page views per month. Along With this type of large audience it makes it feasible for those that submit in Craigslist to reach a large audience. However, as previously mentioned, treatment should be used when putting the publish to be able to categorize your advertisement correctly to ensure the advertisement is reaching the target audience.

Marketing successfully upon Craigslist just isn't different through marketing along with advertising successfully within other kinds associated with print media. one of the actual most essential elements regarding an effective marketing and also advertising campaign upon Craigslist can be professionally written copy that will appeals immediately towards the target audience. Hiring a freelance writer skilled on paper revenue copy is surely an superb thought within this situation. The Particular business owner might be quite knowledgeable about their particular company nevertheless they do not really most likely have the skills required to convey the purpose of the business although also effectively convincing those that study the actual submitting to execute a certain action. The Particular particular motion can include visiting any web site as well as creating a purchase, seeking additional information about the goods or even solutions or even doing a few additional desired action like visiting message in a bottle a regular retailer as well as place regarding business.

Promoting any enterprise about Craigslist doesn't have to become a difficult process. However, it just isn't necessarily instantly less difficult as compared to marketing offline either. 42 year old Entertainer or Range Artist Myles Grandinetti from Three Hills, has hobbies including motorcycles, Promotional Product and warhammer. Has toured ever since childhood and has gone to many locales, like Santiago de Compostela (Old Town).

Marketing your business through Craigslist really does possess some resemblances for the technique of promoting your organization offline. The Actual main similarity is always that the enterprise enterprise promoter musts do their own research to discover out that is roofed in their target audience.

Craigslist could show to be an outstanding avenue for company promotion. whether an individual has a little business that these people run about a part moment time frame or perhaps a thriving enterprise which is now an occasion consuming endeavor, Craigslist can help the company in order to rise in income and also popularity. Your two principal components to actually advertising any business on Craigslist contain reaching the prospective audience and also running an advertising marketing campaign that will appeal for you to this goal audience. This article will talk about both of these components in greater detail to help the particular reader realize how Craigslist may be accustomed to grow a business.

Reaching Your Current target Audience about Craigslist


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